Eat fruits to get a flat tummy


Apart from working out in the gym, healthy diet also plays a vital role in getting flat abs. There is a saying; Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Maybe we are doing many abdominal exercises, but, what gives shape to our tummy is a diet full of nutrients. Eating certain foods helps us to achieve our fitness goals faster and aids in reducing bloating and slim down body.

Here are some foods that will burn your tummy and make your belly flat.

  1. Apple
  • Apples are loaded with essential antioxidants, dietary fiber and falavanoids. Apple reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.
  • Pectin fiber present in apple is a natural fat burner. Polyphenosis found in an apple makes it, low in sugar and calories.
  • An apple is a daily snack for flat abs, research shows that people who eat an apple daily reduces excessive weight much faster.
  • Caffeine present in an apple provides more energy for your core out. Eat an apple, every time before workout.
  1. Berries
  • Fibers present in the berries traps the food particles and flush the harmful toxins out of your body before they proliferate in your internal system.
  • Berries are rich in antioxidants, boost your immunity and digestive system, and keeps blood sugar and stomach bloating under control.
  • Eating strawberries, raspberries and blue berries improve blood flow in your body and help muscle contract more effectively.
  1. Nuts
  • Nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnut and cashews provide all round health benefits to your body. Eating these nuts maintains the level of daily protein intake.
  • A handful of almonds are a healthy way to get essential daily fats in your body. You can add nuts to your morning breakfast, evening snack or make a milkshake of it.
  • Nuts provide you with high levels of fiber and help combating against indigestion, bloating, constipation and other diseases related to the digestive system.
  1. Eggs
  • Eggs are an abundant source of protein, amino acid present in the egg is responsible for the development of muscle fiber.
  • Eating eggs in the breakfast keep you energized throughout the day. Eggs have some unique feature which makes them weight loss friendly.
  • A large egg contains about only 80 calories only, but is full of healthy nutrients.
  1. Yogurt
  • Yogurt is one of the best sources of calcium and keeps your digestive system healthy.
  • The probiotics present in the yogurt reduces the chance of constipation, bloating and gas and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria for better motions.
  • Yogurt is catalyst in the burning of fat and promotes weight loss.
  1. Fish
  • Eating seafood, especially salmon fish increases the rate of metabolism in your body; eating fish also lowers down your cravings for unhealthy food.
  • Salmon and tuna fish are a major source of omega-3 fatty acids and besides making your metabolism more efficient, it also improves the glucose insulin response.
  • One can also take fish oil capsules to for muscle building and weight loss.



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