World Food Day: It’s time to eradicate hunger from the world

World Food Day is observed on 16th October each year around the world. It is celebrated as the foundation of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), established by the United Nations in the year 1945. The purpose of this day is to make people aware about hunger challenges and encourage them to take appropriate measures to fight against hunger.

Primary Aim of World Food Day

  • Spread awareness about hunger and persuade countries across the globe to step-up the fight against malnutrition and poverty
  • Make people aware about the importance of agricultural development
  • Encourage nations to induce agricultural food production
  • To seek more assistance from developing countries in economic and technical sectors
  • Encourage coordination from rural people, especially women
  • Pitch for technology transfer to the developing nations

This year the theme of World Food Day is “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too”. The theme culture for World Food Day has been in place since 1981. A theme is selected based on current issues. The day is vastly promoted by organisations involved in food security and insecurity.

Climate change has an adverse effect on food security. Without food security, social and economic development is near impossible. It is because of climate change and weather related disasters that approx 800 million people are suffering from chronic undernourishment. Farmers, fishermen and other small-scale earners are finding it difficult to run their families. This theme is dedicated towards raising awareness on climate change and its effect on food security.

How can we deal with climate change?

  • Use scarce natural resources cautiously
  • Never waste food and always give it to someone in need
  • Increase the green cover, plant more trees and encourage others to do so
  • Stop using plastic bags. Use bags made of jute instead
  • Switch to digital technology, say no to paper
  • Always buy energy efficient appliances such as LEDs
  • Give preference to organic food

What you can do to be a part of World Food Day     

  • Stop wasting food and also encourage others to do so. World Food Day promotes think, eat and save. So think before purchasing food, eat mindfully and save while you can. Your savings may help some people.
  • World Food Day is observed in many countries and numerous events are held to promote this day. Attend an event or get involved in public awareness campaigns near you. Activities like packing meals and food drives are just some of the ways you can be a part of the solution to hunger.
  • Encourage government to change its laws on food waste management.
  • Read about food activism, organic farming and spread the word.

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